Touch Of Base 5 Cover Reveal

” This book was due to drop at the end of summer 2018. However, it was not quite yet what I wanted it to be as an artist! So, I apologize to those who waited patiently!” Inakat

and of course,  there will be an exclusive E-book giveaway here!

Don’t ever play with true love…

Thomas Base believed his work with Detroit inner-city kids was his purpose on earth. Until he gets a visit that completely changes his role on the marching band playing field. Further, Classy the supportive co-worker and long-time secret admirer get closer to Thomas’s heart. Could the gentle giant be on the road to spiritual levels higher than his dream?

Meanwhile, Thomas’s sister, Misty had promised to return to take her place in the Base Legacy left by their mother. So far Misty has been missing in action, except for a few brief visits. For the past twenty years, she had lost all faith in love relationships after an abusive marriage. Until a muscular dark chocolate sensation called Kaiden ended up in Mistys’ bed, that is. Now, she must make a critical decision .. go home and keep her promise…or stay with the person who managed to turn her whole body into a pool of fire with a single touch?

because it truly plays for keeps.

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