Touch of Base 5 -Excerpt 4

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Kaiden pulled into a parking space in the lot at work and then put his car in park. His smile was as broad as the rays of the sun. Kaiden leaned his head back against the rest and closed his eyes. He could still taste the scrumptious pineapple-like flavor of Misty on his lips. Just then, he thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his car window.

Kaiden jumped and scowled. His nosy co-worker had his hands cupped against the glass pane. He put his finger on the power button and rolled down the window.

“What’s up, man?” Kaiden asked.

“Oh wee boy, I saw that little chocolate hottie you been all goofy about dawg. She got them pretty ass lips. I know you are banging the brakes off that bruh! I watched her walk when she came to the airport parking lot the other day. Man, I’m telling you she walks like she making a baby in them damn heels. I bet she could suck the chrome off a Chevy.” The man jested.

Kaiden frowned. He had just left Misty. She had said nothing about an airport. Furthermore, he did not like this guy. Kaiden knew his co-worker was a hater.

“First of all, bruh, that is some disrespectful shit right there. You married so why are you even looking at her? Let alone worried about what she might be like in bed? Approach me like that again and catch a pimp slapped brand-new flavor in your mouth. I’m grown. Stay out my business and hers. We ain’t that kind of friends, bruh.” Kaiden said.

“Man, you tripping about some ass that you just met? On me? Have we been up in here forever? What you sprung? Oh, you in love now, over a little bit of wet-wet on your dick? Calm down player; I was kidding. I was just saying; she is hot.”

“If you would like to be still able to talk, you won’t say shit else disrespectful about my woman. I can get another job easily, but it’s going to take a whole lot of surgery to fix your mouth. You got a mama, wife, and two daughters. You should know better than to talk about any woman that way. Grow the hell up and get your ass off my door. That clock isn’t gone be the only thing that gets punched the fuck out. Say something else.”

Kaiden’s co-worker raised his hands and stepped back from the car. He watched Kaiden get out and slam the vehicle door. A scowl tightened Kaiden’s face. His jaw muscles twitched visibly, and his co-workers dropped his head. Kaiden said nothing as he glared at the man’s back when he trotted away. The noon sun beamed down on his brow and beads of sweat formed around his nose. Kaiden was furious. He straightened his jacket and brushed off his khaki pants.

“Damn, she got secrets and shit already? Catching a plane isn’t something you forget to mention now, is it? I can’t get played again; my heart can’t take this shit. Maybe it’s a good reason she didn’t tell me? Maybe he saw somebody else? If I ask her, she might think I’m prying into her business. She could still have a woman low-key. Maybe even another guy. I came to work happy, and this fool almost ruined it just that quick.” Kaiden pondered aloud.

Kaiden managed to punch in, get his truck, and hit the road. The hours flew past. He had just pulled up to a rest area when he heard his cell phone ring. Hastily, Kaiden snatched it from the dashboard and saw Misty’s number. Despite himself, he smiled before he answered.

“Hello beautiful, how is your day going?” Kaiden said.

“Hey love, it’s going well and yours,” Misty replied.

“Better now, listen someone that I work with saw you at the airport. Are you planning on taking a trip without me?”

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