Touch of Base 5 – Excerpt 1

While the warm water rolled down her skin, “This one here might be a keeper. My knees weak.” Misty thought. Kaiden had gone to work from her place that morning, again. The moment that he had left, Misty nearly crawled to the shower. She wore nothing but a satisfied smile. Her clothes were a crumpled pile underneath the kitchen table. Breakfast had been something extra.

From the moment that he had arrived at her door, the chemistry between them had been pure magic. She was divorced, and he been lonely. Misty had given little thought to where their connection might end. Yet it felt like nothing she had ever known.  When their eyes first locked, Kaiden had pulled her into a beautiful but naughty place that even in her wildest thoughts, she had never imagined.

Kaiden’s muscular body, silky chocolate skin, and velvety voice were things that Misty had not noticed, at first. When she laid eyes on him, she found herself drawn in his deep brown pools of lust. Usually shy, once Misty allowed herself to investigate his eyes briefly, then she did something that she had not for many years.  Misty tilted her head, smile coyly, and let him see the fire in hers.

Later that same night, Misty argued with herself but quickly found herself unwilling to deny her attraction to him. He had seduced her, completely. That was nearly a week ago. Since then, every other thought in her head had been of his caresses. She could only wonder how he felt about her. But for now, she had decided to merely enjoy the relentless passion between them.

Misty leaned her long, dark hair into the spray of the shower before she pushed it back with both hands. The heat from between her thighs had been cooled, for the moment. Misty gently rinsed her hair and began to finish her shower. Fifteen minutes had past when at last she reached to turn off the water, opened the frosted shower door, and reached for a rich burgundy towel. Sweet-Scented steam hung thick in the air. The house was quiet, except for the gurgle of water sucked down the drain.

She wrapped the thick towel around her and stepped out onto the bath mat. A chill ran through her body and caused her to shiver a bit. Misty gripped the cloth tighter and hurriedly darted through the open bathroom door and into her bedroom. She flung herself on top of the unmade covers and sighed.

Misty briefly wondered if she would have the energy should Kaiden return that night. She let her eyes slowly close. There she could see him. Kaiden’s eyes looking up into hers, strong arms supported her soft brown thighs, and his face buried in her juicy fruit treasures. Misty shuddered so hard that her eyes flew open. She sat up and pulled her hand to her chest.

“Girl, if your friends could see you now!” Misty chuckled aloud.

The morning was nearly gone. Kaiden and Misty had spent most of the time having “breakfast”. Misty scolded herself gently, before she dropped her towel, stood up and walked over to her closet. Misty reached in and grabbed a thin black sundress and shimmied into it. She glanced over to the wall where her full-length mirror hung. Her hair still had beads of water that dripped from the ends. The dress held her curves in all the right spots. Delicately cupped at under her plump ass but loose enough to moved when she stepped. The low-cut top showed just the rise of her breasts, enough to make someone want to see a little more. She was pleased with what she saw. It was not often that she felt comfortable and natural, at the same time.

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