Faded Nights


“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I did it!”

The Little Train that could

Faded Nights

Gradually a faint smile spread across Katrina’s face. She leaned forward until the flesh of her sugary scented breasts nearly touched Mann’s nostrils. Katrina closed her eyes. The warmness of Mann’s breaths quickly started to heat her skin.

“Let’s get a clear understanding, shall we? It has been a fatally ill-conceived and highly unethical idea to ever abuse people and then place them in the chains of slavery. The most obvious reason could be that the minds which self-governs those bodies probably would not tolerate maltreatment or captivity for very long. It would be wiser to at least consider, that oppressed persons might devise a way to release themselves from bondage.

Afterward, they might promptly set on a course to fuck up whomever and whatever had acted on those irrational and stupid thoughts from the start. Now, this is not my opinion but rather historically documented results. For example, the slave revolts in Western culture, the U.S Civil War, and the 1967 riots all had that idea in common to start. They were just different ways of the same ignorance. As a critical thinking exercise, it seems a more reasonable approach to first assign a value to the task, and then reward the individuals or person for their service and labor, in a way that is reciprocally beneficial. My approach does not require a system of restraints but does involve levels of self-control that are warmly rewarded. However, you can choose to have your hands tied for me to take advantage of you. I am confident enough to do so,” Katrina said.

Katrina lifted her leg from his shoulder, placed it on the floor, and leaned back. She pushed off from the edge of the bed to stand, and then took a few steps towards Mann. Katrina stopped when her plump labia was less than an inch away from his lips. She glanced in the mirror when the heat from Mann’s breathing floated between her thick thighs.

Thoughtfully, Katrina slid a hand in the space between herself and his lips. She placed a finger on either side of her treasures and spread open her box of jewels. Katrina revealed a hefty and throbbing pearl that glistened from wetness. She smiled craftily, as soon as she heard the sharp intake of the air come from Mann who still knelt in front of her.

Mann delicately huffed out a breeze of tropical hotness directly aimed at Katrina’s pearl. Her thighs tensed for a moment and then relaxed into a shivered spasm. She swallowed hard and clutched her neck with her free hand. She looked down at Mann and saw the pinkness of his tongue dart out from his mouth quickly, although he did not touch her.

“Mistress, the very idea that I would be restrained by you excites me. I certainly wouldn’t want to escape or fuck you up, if you took advantage of me, while in bondage,” Mann muttered.

Katrina moved her hands and stepped back. She gingerly sank to the floor and knelt facing Mann. Katrina looked in his eyes, while her hands pulled down his zipper and freed him solid maleness from the confines of his pants. Once he was free, she decisively wrapped her soft hands around him and began to stroke.

Expertly, Katrina manipulated his hard pole with her finger. After a few moments, he closed his eyes, threw his head back, and then let out a pleasure-filled groan. Katrina calmly stopped her firm tugs just short of him exploding in her hands. His head snapped up and Mann’s focus was directed at her with a confused but wide-eyed stare.

“To not fuck me up if you chose bondage is dependent on respect of your free-will to choose. However, judging from the massive thumping my hands, there is no denying something. There is a very big part of you that became happier once it was free. If I were to lay back and wrap my legs around your neck, you would most likely fuck me up and down right now without restraints,” Katrina whispered.

“Of course Mistress, with your permission, ” Mann replied.


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