Faded Nights

Faded Nights

“Man is free; yet we must not suppose that he is at liberty to do everything he pleases, for he becomes a slave the moment he allows his actions to be ruled by passion. “

Giacomo Cassonova

From the back

Katrina lifted her hands delicately to her throat. She swallowed hard, turned, and dipped out of his front door. Katrina immediately squinted from the glare of the sun. The gentle tropical breeze that swirled around her was rare in the City of Detroit, on a summer day.

As she walked out into the lot for her vehicle, Katrina’s face wrinkled. She threw a hand up over her brow and squinted. Hastily, Katrina clutched the door handle and slid into the driver’s seat. Mann’s shirt had been thigh length until she bent and sat on the hot leather. Katrina grimaced when the bared back of her thighs met the place. She bounced and squirmed to adjust his shirt, while she started her truck. Fifteen minutes later, Katrina pulled up into the driveway of her home.

Katrina grabbed her cell phone and outfit before she got out of her car. She walked up to the winding concrete path to her front entrance and went in. Katrina adjusted her eyes to the dimness of the house as she took off her heels. The soft thumps of her feet across the plush burgundy carpet on the way to the shower was barely audible in the quiet home. In her mind, Katrina at least had a solid hour to get bathed, dressed, and set the mood.
An hour and ten minutes later, she gave her spacious bedroom and chosen outfit, the second and final once over with her eyes.

She saw the sexy flames that glowed from her cherry scented candles. The fragrant bowls of wax resting on the mahogany wood shelves on each side of the room caused her to smile. When Katrina turned to face the panel of mirrors that covered the wall opposite her bed, a sudden wave of exhilaration swept over her. She heard the doorbell ring less than a minute afterward.

With a measured pace, Katrina walked to the front door. The cold glass diamond shaped handle twisted quickly in her grasp. Fresh air with a hint of masculine cologne swirled around Katrina’s face when the door finally swayed open. She laid a hand across her midsection before she charmingly swept the other side and invited Mann inside.

Mann stepped forward into her Living Room. Katrina closed the door and quickly slipped around him. She heard Mann clear his throat and smirked, while Katrina headed straight for her bedroom with him in tow. With each step, Katrina could feel her round bottom jiggle in the confines of her black vinyl crotchless shorts. She walked up to the nearest side of her bed and patted the gold comforter for Mann to sit. She moved aside to face him while Mann made himself cozy on her bed.

“Thank you for inviting me over, this is very nice. I imagined you in a delicate teddy, but I much prefer your choice. Your outfit is very authoritative but sexy,” Mann said.

Katrina raised an eyebrow at his comment but did not reply. Instead, she roamed around to the opposite side of the bed and sat. Katrina smiled while she leaned over the cover to get a remote from under her pillows. She struggled to hold in laughter when she poked the power button with her long nail. Suddenly, the soft sound of womanly moans began to float to their ears.

Katrina tossed the device on her bed and then looked over at Mann. She noticed that he stared straight head towards her mirrored wall. Katrina also saw his chest had begun to rise and fall faster. Her face scrunched in confusion for a moment, before she gently reached out and touched his arm.

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“Can I get you anything?” Katrina asked.

“Is that a trick question?” Mann replied.

Katrina ran her hand down to his thigh but stopped just short of his dick. When Mann looked over, and into her eyes, she felt his thigh tense under her fingers. Katrina lowered her eyes and then licked her glossed lips. Suddenly she heard Mann take a deep breath.

Katrina moved over to him and wiggled her way into his lap. When she felt Mann’s hands slide up her legs and clutch her cheeks tightly, Katrina bit the edge of her bottom lip. She leaned in closer and gently placed her lips on his. Mann exhaled and leaned into her caress. Katrina felt a spark of fire in her soul re-ignite and tenderly broke away the kiss.

“A trick question would be how can our public education systems readily teach about wars and slavery but not the roots of humanity as coming from Africa?” Katina whispered.

Mann dug his finger into her thick ass and pulled her tighter across his thickening manhood. Katrina felt the stiff, rough fabric of his pants press firmly against her labia and whimpered. She reached up and grasped the silver zipper that held her shiny black corset and pulled it down. Katrina shivered when the fresh room air chilled her nipple rings.

“You just made my dick stone hard. I saw you laid next to me in the bed, earlier in the mirror, and I got stuck for a second. I don’t know how long I can take you talking that shit to me like this girl, you turning on raw senses. That’s savage…” Mann groaned.

“Hmmm,” Katrina moaned.

“Are you ready for me to disrobe and be cuffed now, Mistress, please? I brought cuffs.” Mann said.

“I don’t need to restrain you. That’s not what you want either, it may be on the list, but it is not your most honest hopes about you and me, is it?”

“No, and you have a point. Think back to the first day we met. I feel like you were saying something with your eyes and from your soul but meant for me.”

“What I see when I look in your eyes is the positive value that you have as a person, a spirit housed in the flesh, not just a means to get off. However, your flesh is vibrating on the same wave as mine right now, and I suggest we go with what our bodies need for a while.”

Mann propped up on his elbows and peeked around her waist into the wall of mirrors, while she unzipped his pants. When she freed him, Katrina quickly grabbed his shaft and placed it between her warm, fluffy thighs. Mann gasped and sat up farther, once the heat from her skin enveloped him.

“If you ever feel the need for me to be restrained, I am open to the idea,” Mann said.


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