Faded Nights


Disguise our bondage as we will, ‘Tis woman, woman, rules us still”

Thomas Moore
Faded Nights Part 2

“Insist huh? That’s a powerful word choice,” Katrina giggled.

“Was insist too forwatd? Well ok, how about encourage, inspire, or support your idea? I enjoy motivating others to achieve positive goals. I think it is important to find ways to uplift those around me to help minimize human suffering; I was encouraging you to feel motivated.

It was quite a pleasure to lift you up in the other room and I’m excited to offer support to achieve your stated goal. You did say fuck me senseless right? It never occurred to me that I had too much sense, but I am certainly willing to consider that possibility. I would love to explore your ideas,” Mann replied.

Katrina laughed and scooted closer to Mann before she laid her head down on his pillow. She looked up at the white starch ceiling above them for a moment. Katrina felt Mann’s hand slide across her waist. Intense energy flowed into her and tapered off with a soft flutter deep in the pit of her tummy. Katrina shivered when goosebumps started to rise on her arms from his touch.

She sighed, after forcing her thoughts away from the intense pleasure of their contact. Without warning, she rose up on her arm and brought her lips very near Mann’s. The soft heat from his breath warmed Katrina’s face. She bit her lip and then looked up into his eyes.

Tenderly, Katrina brushed her lips across Mann’s. Quickly, her playful teasing turned into a hungry kiss that somehow instigated her location from next to him to atop of him. Katrina felt him grip his hands on either side of her buoyant buns and adjust her. She whimpered softly in response but turned her head away. Katrina noticed that the roundness of her ass hoisted over his dick had cast a sexy shadow on his bedroom wall.

His efforts to position her body made her breasts jiggle in his face. Katrina snickered about her wobbly rack until he slurped a free-floating nipple between his lips. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Mann teased and sucked one and then the other until her nipples were tender and extra firm.

She heard an aroused grunt in her ear when a tiny drop of pussy juice dripped onto Mann’s hardness from her. Katrina took a deep breath. Carefully, she pressed against him. A sharp sensation bolted across Katrina’s love button when their skin touched. She blew a delicate breath and heaved a sigh, but already her body tensed.

“Your vibration just shifted, what’s wrong?” Mann asked.

“You felt that? Of course, you did. I wondered about that but since you mentioned vibes. Let’s move this lesson to my place. I’m positive that will do wonders for your senses.” Katrina said.

“Your place?’

“Yes, in two hours.”

Mann grinned wide before he balled his hand up and brought it to his mouth. Katrina his face watched intently. She felt his thighs flex under her weight. Finally, Mann nodded his head up and down.

Katrina leaned down and planted a soft peck on the side of Mann’s hand. She worked her way down his body with hers. Katrina paused when she felt the solidness of dick enveloped between her breasts. She looked down and then began to shimmy down lower. Katrina froze when the swollen head of him pressed against her lips.

She reached up and with a painstakingly slow motion, drug her nails down his chest. Katrina heard a loud gulp right above her. Immediately, she tasted the scent of them on her tongue. Katrina closed her eyes before she placed a wet, juicy kiss on his skin, and then pushed herself off his body.
Her chest rose and fell rapidly, as Katrina finally let her gaze wander the length of his nakedness.

She saw that his dark velvet manhood was substantial and stiff. Katrina took her forefinger and thumb and wiped the corners of her mouth. She moved her eyes to the floor and huffed. Mann sat up abruptly.

Katrina refused to look at him and instead bent over to retrieve his button-up shirt from the foot of the bed. She slipped his shirt on. Excitedly, Katrina’s fingers trembled while she pushed each button through its slot.
She heard the soft thump of his feet when Mann got out of the bed.

His massive hands tenderly brushed hers away from the fabric. Katrina threw her shoulders back because she could feel him pull at the cloth around her. She stood still while he buttoned the garment. At last, he had reached the upper cleft of her braless breasts and stopped.

Without the benefit of heels, Katrina realized that Mann towered over her. She rocked up on her tip-toes and kissed him again. After Katrina broke from the kiss to gather her shoes, clothes, and keys. She slid into her heels and walked from the bedroom to leave his condo.

Mann had been anxiously following her every move until she reached his door. Katrina touched his doorknob and felt his hand come to land on her shoulder. Her spine stiffened while she turned to face him. Katrina fought back her overwhelming urge to direct him to his knees in the doorway.

“In one hour and forty-nine minutes, I will be at your door fully prepared to…” Mann said.

Katrina turned the door handle open. She smirked when Mann’s words trailed off, and his mouth gradually fell open. Katrina looked Mann steadily in the eyes. She watched as he gingerly licked his lips before he finally dropped his head.

“To be educated about the disciplinarian and motivational merits of latex lingerie, nipples clips, and baby oil,” Katrina whispered.

“Estoy muy ansioso por aprender lo que te trae placer. Gracias, señora,” Mann murmured.


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