Faded Nights

“Causal conversation leads me to nights of perfect consummation. As a writer, I tightly guard and indulge this passionate privilege. It allows me to speak directly for the seductress born from the uninhibited fire in my soul to my distant lover, at will.”

Inakat 2019

Dark Enchantment (Part 1)

“I can’t, oh my gosh.” Katrina moaned.

The short, brown, and thick vixen pleaded those words between each stroke. Pinned up against the cool alabaster wall of Mann’s living room, Katrina struggled not to cum. She had only decided to stop by to check on him, just a few moments before. They had been casual acquaintances since meeting at a conference long ago. Katrina had vowed to keep it that way.

She had felt wild energy when he’d first shook her hand. Katrina was overwhelmed with a craving to get him alone and do some quite unladylike things usually reserved for committed people. When Katrina made eye contact with him, his expression seemed to say that he could read her private thoughts. Her plan to avoid giving him the chance to figure her out did not appear to be going well. Since she currently found herself wedged tightly on most of his dick, while he whispered in her ear. Mann’s talented tongue encouraged her to let go until Katrina began to shake like a leaf in a storm.

“We were always going to end up like this, Katrina, always,” Mann said.

She dipped her face deep into the cleft of his neck and inhaled the sweet cologne on his skin. Katrina had long feared if she ever gave in to the feelings that he aroused inside of her, then they would consume her. He had always been polite in conversation but the fire his eyes, when he did dare her to touch him, became an inferno. Likewise, he had been a patient student of her distant gaze filled with the flames of Katrina’s hidden but lustful defiance.

Katrina was emotionally torn. One the one hand, he was an admitted consummate conversationalist which meant he probably could talk the panties off a nun. On the other hand, Katrina hadn’t listened to a word that he had said. In that case, it meant that the unrelenting attraction that she had to Mann was autonomous.

Katrina had decided quite some time ago that Mann was just her type. In her assessment, he had ranked somewhere in the area of potential Diva Disaster at the apex of the naughty Girls Richter Scale. Mann was a smooth talking, sexy, chocolate, confident person, but a corporate thug at heart. For Katrina, he rested squarely in the spot of a “double D”. Otherwise known to bad girls universally as the most “dangerous dick” type on the planet. One look into his eyes while Mann was deep inside of her and their unspoken words might bond them together forever.

However, there they were, fucking near the door of his home office like savage beasts. Katrina’s bra was lowered beneath breasts, and her blouse had fallen on the floor. Her was leg draped over the muscular bicep that Mann supported himself on with every thrust. Mann’s opened button-up, and unzipped trousers hid from view the fat, wet folds that sucked him as he plowed between them. A sheen of sweat shimmered on his bared chest.

“Look at me,” Mann growled.

Katrina whined. Her thighs tensed when Mann shoved the last millimeter of his stiffness deep inside of Katrina. An upsurge of delightful pleasure rocked her body. Slowly, she raised her head to kiss him. As soon as their lips touched, Katrina sucked greedily at his warmth. Through half-drawn eyes and ragged sharp breaths, she looked past his flared nostrils and locked onto his eyes.

Mann’s breaths immediately slowed to a controlled pace beneath her glower. Katrina whimpered when she felt the demand for her submission to him throbbing in her womb. She resisted mentally, although her hand clutched in his tapered fade. Katrina returned his kiss, like a slave thankful to be nearly free from the bondage of her own undisclosed needs. She cried out just once before the oils of her lusts coated him.

“My beautiful, black, thick enchantress, your flame has never stopped calling to a lesser known key in my soul late in the night. I’ve awakened too many times with the taste of you on my lips, the scent of you in my nose, and the feel of your bare body on mine, for this to have stayed a dream. Keep cumming for me baby, because I love this shit.” Mann whispered.

He hoisted Katrina high up on the painted plaster barrier until her black high-heeled shoe no longer touched the floor. She wrapped her dangled leg around the small of Mann’s and braced her shoulders against the wall. By the time that he cupped her naked ass in his hand, the first blast of cream exploded from him, as well. Mann gasped while Katrina shimmied her wet and pulsating vacuum over the length of him.

Briefly, she wondered if they were both trapped in a hallucinated state of unadulterated ecstasy or was this real? Most people did not arouse even the thought of sex for her, but he was clearly quite capable. An evidentiary drop of dew rolled down her inner thigh. Mann clutched her tightly and carried her over the threshold and into his bedroom. Quickly, they both cast away the remainder of their clothing. Katrina hesitantly crawled up on his pillows, still shaking, as Mann stretched out flat on his back. She heard Mann exhale sharply and then looked back at him and smiled.

“You should not have started this with me. I fairly warned you to just go, but now you have intimate knowledge of me,and so I’m going to have to ride you senseless,” Katrina said.

“Well, in that case, I agree. I have a very hard head that royally deserves to be punished. In fact, I will have to insist that you do,” Mann replied.


© Inakat 2019