Inakat is a self-published author from Detroit, Michigan. She began her writing career at a very young age but did not circulate any of her work publicly until 2010. Her first work, Where Day Gets it Done, was a short bi-lingual story. Later, Inakat went on to pen the first novel of what eventually became the Synz En Detroit Series. Today, she has three distinct book series, four short stories, and four “novelettes,” in addition to several pieces of poetry shared with the public. In 2012, she decided to include recorded spoken word in her content roster.

A college graduated Medical Assistant by trade that preferred writing, Inakat still continues to write about subjects that carry meaningful life lessons for her target audience. Poetry and spoken word were skill sets that she had generally reserved for private audiences. It was a few scant years ago that Inakat began to blossom under the well-lit range of creative arts in her arsenal. A large portion of the work from cover design to Front and Back End administration roles, she does. Currently, she is working on completing a B.A in Applied Behavioral Sciences, and launching another business venture aimed at relationship education and empowerment from a personal and evidence-based perspective… and of course her books.

In 2015, Inakat branched out to form IGM (Inakat Graphics & Media), where she consulted and coached others through the many minuscule tasks of websites and media content publishing. Her background credentials are 20 years (and counting) of internet website building, design, management, and marketing. Inakat began when dot-matrix printers and landlines were essential functions of internet use. Even today, as technology moves forward with blistering speed, Inakat continually cultures herself to stay in tune with cyberworld advances. However, despite the countless things that Inakat has done as a job function or from sheer necessity, the one thing that she loves to do without exception is to write. It was the love of writing and creation that personally helped Inakat learn what she did not know about herself.

In her own words, “An appreciation for the fine arts was instilled in myself and siblings by our mother, for as far back as I can remember. I was taught early on that music, words, poetry, dance, and hand arts had educational and therapeutic value for the soul. I cannot imagine an Earth without them. I think that would make this world a cold place that lacked passion, fire, funk, flavor, and individuality. These tools are needed to help humanity build a civilized and elegant world. Art is critical to our continued survival because, in a real sense, it is the breath of life. It is that belief that inspires me to continue to write and produce, against all the odds.

The thing that written word taught me about myself was that I had never been in love. I heard stories of love but never actually been in love or even been in a healthy and loving relationship. Love is supposed to be mutual respect and honest value of a mate. Love is a positive vibration that is soul deep. Right now, I’m working that out in the Touch of Base series for my audience and me. If this concept is true, I want to be ready should it ever happen for me.”



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